What is ataxia and what treatments are available?

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Ataxia is a general term that covers poor co-ordination. Some other neurological conditions have ataxia as a symptom, such as multiple sclerosis, peripheral neuropathies and some strokes. Ataxia is also a group of specific degenerative diseases, such as Huntington's chorea and Friedreich's ataxia. These and other diseases have loss of control of muscles, and therefore co-ordination as a feature. A person with ataxia may walk as if they were drunk, drop things, or appear very clumsy.



Treatment would be specific to the type of ataxia, and it would be helpful to know this before your initial assessment appointment. In general, physiotherapy can help with the symptoms, such as poor posture, pain and joint stiffness, as well as reducing the effects of loss of balance and poor walking.