What is Post Polio Syndrome and what treatments are available?

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Post Polio Syndrome

This condition affects people who had polio several years ago, and causes further weakening of previously affected muscles, fatigue, joint and muscle pain, and muscle atrophy or wasting. There can be up to 40 years between recovery from the polio virus and the onset of post polio syndrome, and it can therefore affect significant numbers of people, despite the introduction of the polio vaccine in the late '50s. The severity is related to the initial severity of polio.

post polio syndrome

Exercise, in moderation, has not been shown to be harmful or to wear out the muscles, and will contribute towards a healthy life style. Physiotherapy will look at which exercises are going to be most effective and at what intensity, which will be individual to each person. Treatment can also help to reduce the side effects such as stiff or painful joints and muscles, poor posture and difficulty walking. It is important to minimise fatigue and pacing will be discussed, as well as the use of relevant equipment such as walking aids to reduce the stress on particular muscles.