What is Motor Neurone Disease and what treatments are available?

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Motor Neurone Disease

Motor Neurone Disease, or MND, is a progressive degenerative neurological condition that affects the nerves that transmit messages to the muscles. This results in muscular weakness and wasting, loss of movement, difficulties with speech and swallowing, and problems with breathing. There are four main types of MND, which tend to affect different groups of muscles, but there is a lot of overlap between the different types. Your neurologist will tell you which type they think you have.

motor neurone disease

There is no known cure for MND, and therefore physiotherapy is aimed at preventing and relieving side effects, such as clearing chest infections, stretching stiff joints, easing postural pain, maintaining function and comfort. Different techniques and treatments will be appropriate at different times in the condition, and the actual programme agreed will depend on individual circumstances. If physiotherapy is not indicated, then this will be explained at the assessment. It would be helpful to say what type of MND you, or your relative, has when making the initial assessment appointment.