What treatments are available for other neurological conditions?

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Other Neurological Conditions

There are many other neurological conditions that are not specifically listed above. If your condition is more uncommon, then please contact us to discuss appropriate treatments. In general the physiotherapist will look at how you move and try to determine what is stopping you do the things you want to do. This might be due to poor balance, abnormal posture, weakness in some muscles, tightness in specific joints or overworking of some muscles. It is likely that a combination of things will be causing you problems. This, together with the details of the diagnosis you have been given, will enable the physiotherapist to work out a programme of treatment that will be of benefit.


If you do not yet have a diagnosis, then please contact us to discuss the circumstances, as it may well be beneficial to start physiotherapy as soon as possible. In the unlikely event of no treatment being appropriate, due to the diagnosis and/or severity of problems, then this will be explained to you. However, the vast majority of people would benefit from some physiotherapy to help maintain their abilities as much as possible.