Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Areas include Salisbury, Southampton, Bournemouth, Dorchester, Yeovil, Bath and Bristol.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I use Physio-Neuro rather than my local physiotherapy practice?  Physio-Neuro only treats people with a neurological condition, which is a specialist branch of physiotherapy. Your local physiotherapy practice is likely to be a specialist in the treatment of sports injuries, muscle sprains, neck and back pain.

What does Chartered Physiotherapist mean? A Chartered Physiotherapist has completed an approved course of study and is accountable for their actions. They are regulated by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in the UK and will have the initials MCSP after their name.

What does State Registered Physiotherapist mean? A State Registered Physiotherapist is registered with the Health Professions Council, which is the government regulatory body. Only Chartered Physiotherapists can be registered, and will have the initials SRP after their name.

Do I need a referral to Physio-Neuro? No, we accept self referrals. We also accept referrals from doctors and other health professionals. 

Do you have a clinic I need to come to? No. Physio-Neuro is a mobile service. We believe that with neurological conditions it is better to treat you in your own home, so that you are more relaxed, less tired and don't have the stress of traveling. It also means that the physiotherapist can see what difficulties you might have at home.

What geographical area do you cover? Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Somerset. This includes the towns/cities of Salisbury, Southampton, Bournemouth, Poole, Dorchester, Shaftesbury, Yeovil, Bath, Bristol and Trowbridge. If you are not sure whether we cover your area, please contact us to discuss.

What do I need to wear? Loose fitting clothing that will enable the physiotherapist to see how you move such as shorts and t-shirt.

Do I need any equipment? No, as the physiotherapist will bring any appropriate equipment needed.

Do you treat children? Yes. A legal guardian needs to be present at all times during treatment.

How will I recognise the physiotherapist? All Physio-Neuro staff wear a uniform and have an ID badge.

How long are the sessions? The initial assessment will last one hour. Follow up treatment sessions are normally one hour, but other durations may be discussed.

How much does it cost? Please contact us indicating your location for up to date and competitive prices.

How can I pay? There are various methods. Via your internet banking or via PayPal through our site. We also take cash and cheques.

Do you deal with insurance companies? Yes. Please contact us to discuss insurance details.

I'm seeing an NHS physiotherapist. Can I see Physio-Neuro as well? Yes. It is important that you tell us if this is the case, so that we can liaise with the NHS physiotherapist and make sure you make the best recovery.