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Areas include Salisbury, Southampton, Bournemouth, Dorchester, Yeovil, Bath and Bristol.


Neurological Treatments

Physio-Neuro is a mobile specialist neurological physiotherapy service, and assessments and treatment sessions are conducted in your own home.

Neurological conditions are very varied in how they affect people, with no two people having the same problems. It is therefore difficult to give precise details of what treatment will be given. The assessment session will give a picture of the main problems, and this will determine what treatment is most effective. The treatment sessions will also involve an element of on-going assessment, which may result in the treatment being changed.

It is important to be honest with the physiotherapist in how you feel, and what changes you, or your family, have noticed, whether they are improvements or deteriorations. If you have not been able to complete your home exercise/stretches programme, then it is better to say this, so that the physiotherapist will be able to alter you programme, so that you are able to complete it. This will mean you make the best possible recovery/improvement in the quickest possible time. During your assessment, and also during your treatment sessions, the physiotherapist will probably ask you to try things that you find difficult. This is so that the physiotherapist can work out the best way to help you. 


Your safety is very important, and you will not be asked to do anything that could cause you injury. However, the physiotherapist needs to know how difficult an exercise is, so that the right level can be chosen.

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