What is multiple sclerosis and what treatments are available?

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Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a progressive condition, with plaques, or hard areas, developing in the brain and spinal cord. This interferes with the transmission of messages from the brain to the muscles, and from the skin to the brain. This means that movement may be affected and also that sensation may be reduced in various areas. MS is a very individual condition, with no two people being the same, and is often characterised by periods of relapse, followed by recovery. It is important to maintain as much strength in the muscles as possible, and also to prevent poor posture adding to the difficulties.

multiple sclerosis


Physiotherapy aims to stretch out any muscles and joints that have got tight, strengthen as far as possible muscles that are weak, and to improve balance and walking ability. It is likely that treatment would need to be more intensive during recovery from a relapse, to regain any lost abilities as quickly as possible, with a home programme of stretches and exercises as maintenance in between relapses. The actual programme would be based on individual circumstances.