What is a head injury and what treatments are available?

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Head Injury

A head injury happens when the head is hit by something, which causes damage to the brain, which reverberates inside the skull. The vast majority of head injuries are mild or moderate, and make a full recovery without treatment. A head injury does not need a fracture or break in the bone to cause damage to the brain, although in many severe cases, there will have been a fracture as well.


head injuries


Most severe head injuries are a result of traffic accidents or sporting injuries, and will often have other injuries as well, such as fractures. They will probably spend considerable time in hospital, and recovery can seem very slow. There is often damage to several areas of the brain, and treatment reflects this.

Communication may be difficult and it is important to have a physiotherapist that the person is happy with. Treatment will be based on individual circumstances, but may include stretches, balance work in sitting or standing, strengthening appropriate muscles and regaining functional use.